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A great evening filled with great performances is what folks have come to expect from the annual SCMSF fundraiser and once again, on Thursday, April 5, 2007, all those who came out to attend got everything they were hoping for. High spirited performances from some of the areas best bands, local High school jazz bands, great raffle items, tasty pizza, scholarship award presentations and a gathering of special friends of Stephen Camello make for an annual outing worthy of a permanent place on anyone's social calendar ... We'll see you next year for our 5th anniversary!

Another Homerun Hit by SCMSF:

Ladies and Gentlemen: I am proud to announce that last April’s (April  28, 2005)  Second Annual Stephen Camello Music Scholarship Foundation Fundraising event at Prince Pizza in Saugus was a smash hit. Score this a huge success on many levels. Not only were we thoroughly entertained by this year’s multi-genre offerings of musical talent, but we also raised a significant amount of funds to bolster our Scholarship Program.

Michelle Koolian, daughter of SCMSF committee member and resident drummer Duane Koolian, kicked off the night with some righteous renditions on solo flute. We also were proud to have a friend of the Foundation, Greg Gallo, join us on stage and to hear his outstanding acoustic guitar work.

This year we have expanded the school eligibility for our scholarship award to include the Lynn Public schools with Saugus. Lynn responded by sending both their Sax Quartet and Flute Ensemble to perform. Saugus High once again sent their great Jazz Band. All these students played extremely well in front of a very receptive crowd. It was a super experience for the kids, the audience and all the members of SCMSF. This is the reason we all want to support music as art for the area’s young people.

Last years SCMSF scholarship recipient Jonathan Smith was on hand to sit in with Brian Maes, Tim Archibald and Tim’s young son on trumpet. Way to go! We were treated to some great tunes from a real up and coming group of teenagers from Lynnfield, The Mystery Tramps. These kids were smokin’! Look for big things to happen for them in the future.

Once again, the Foundation members brought out their respective groups, Razen Kayne, The Distractions, Hard Drive and The Brian Maes Band to rock the house. At various points, the groups mixed in Marybeth Maes, Jamie Maes, Dennis Tully, Kenny Martin and celebrity rocker Barry Gaudreau to thrill everyone in the room. Shire also magically reappeared to channel the memory of Stephen and share their special musical flavor.

The night ended on a high note with an ensemble cast on stage jammin’ to “I got the Music in Me”. A great time was had by all and it could not have happened without the help of Committee Member Ted Bilias and his brother Chris handling the board, “the raffle girls” Rosie, Janice and Nina, our door guys Mark Dougan and Tim Barry. A big thank you to everyone involved.

Something very special happened at the Blue Note Lounge in Lynn on Thursday night, October 21, 2004.


 It was certainly a night to remember for those who were in attendance and one not to be missed again for those who weren't.  While still riding high on the overwhelming success of it's first event on April 8th 2004, the members of the foundation were really looking forward to giving something back to the musical community by holding a more informal open mic kind of event.


The hopes were to allow a greater number of folks who wanted to offer their talents in Stephen's behalf while still possibly raising some funds for the foundation.  Not only did many of the North shore's most talented musicians come gladly to our event, but they also made generous donations and were content to perform or simply offer support to those who did.


All of the members of the foundation helped out in many ways proving, once again, to be a great team.   Peter did an excellent job as master of ceremonies as well as leader of the house band which featured outstanding work by Billy Carr on drums and Vin Scag on Guitar. Thanks to Rosie, our raffle was a big success again. Thanks to Duane for working the door for us.  "Razen Kayne" was definitely a high point in the evening again as the crowd was treated by Danielle Burnett to the most amazing Pat Benetar tribute that anyone could ask for.  Diane Taylor, the lady who sang with Peter's band definitely had the music in her.  If she kept it up any longer, our Director was gonna jump up and busta move...It's probably better for the foundation he stayed put though.

Jammin' with, his old pal and long time rival keyboard player, Chris Billias, was a blast for Brian Maes since he always wanted to do that.  Joe Mack and Carl Dixon made for a good six string showdown as well.  As always, getting our old pal and friend of the foundation Dennis Tully to belt out a tune was great fun.  Guy DiStasio (the organ guy), Jamie Maes showing up and joining in, "Night Flight", Cool Beatle's arrangements by "Hard Drive", "Jim and Roze" (fiddlin' and
diddlin'), "The Kevin Kennedy Project", Watching Artie, Duane, Kevin, Uncle Mike and Brian sharing the same space with all the same intentions in their hearts made for a very fulfilling evening.


The members of the foundation were very proud, once again to be involved with, not only each other but also, all those who came to help.  We are sure that we have forgotten to mention someone (oh wait...Eddie and the Cruisers were definitely there right?) so, to those, we apologize (way to go George!).  Also a BIG THANK YOU! to our very own Ted for doing such a great job with the sound. As always, thanks for your support and we hope to see you all again at our next event.


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